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?t?te pozorn?! Tento test v?m pom??e zjistit, zda v?m va?e komunika?n? schopnosti umo?n? zvl?dnout n? konverza?n? kurz obchodn?-celn? angli?tiny. Nejde o to, dos?hnout co nejvy??ho po?tu bod?, ale prov??it si vlastn? skute?n? znalosti. V kurzu budete konverzovat, konverzovat a je?t? jednou konverzovat, tak?e je t?eba ovl?dat alespo? z?klady angli?tiny.

  • Ne?vindlujte! V?sledek je informace pro v?s, nikoliv pro n?s.
  • Test je slo?en ze dvou ??st?, kdy prvn? prov??uje va?i znalost b??n?ch komunika?n?ch fr?z? a obrat? a druh? testuje va?i slovn? z?sobu.
  • Pro za?azen? do na?eho kurzu byste m?li dos?hnout minim?ln? 35 a v?ce bod?.
  • V?sledek zjist?te po stisknut? tla??tka M?j v?sledek na konci str?nky.

Language usage – Choose the best word or phrase to fill the sentence.

1. Hi! I’m John and I from New York.
2. We married.
3. How old are you?
4. Where is Anna from? from Rome.
5. Sam a doctor, he’s a teacher at the university.
6. Here are Juan and Mercedes. are from Valencia in Spain.
7. Where Ben ?
8. I on Saturday or Sunday.
9. We TV after dinner.
10. Have you got a computer? Yes, .
11. two hundred students in my school.
12. is this blue bag? It’s L5.50.
13. Please put plates the cupboard.
14. Dan the piano?
15. your car? It’s in the park.
16. She a house in the town centre.
17. My favorite painters are Manet and Renoir, but John doesn’t like at all.
18. There aren’t people here today.
19. We haven’t got .
20. He in an office every morning from eight to twelve.
21. Where your mother born?
22. I school in 1975.
23. When you go to the USA? Last year.
24. Where is Mary? She over there.
25. I’m hungry. something to eat, please.
26. I had breakfast ago.
27. The buildings in Venice are the buildings in Hong Kong.
28. Vienna is city in Austria.
29. Switzerland is than Britain.
30. She’s never to New York.
31. I a jumper and a jacket because it’s cold today.
32. Look, it’s very cloudy. It
33. you ever Mexican food?
34. Olivia to Rome.
35. I’ve met Robbie Williams. When ?

Vocabulary – Choose the best word to fill the gap

1. What’s your ? I´m American.
2. What is it? It’s half past two.
3. He’s got a and two sisters.
4. This camera is € 2,000! It’s .
5. We’ve got two a son and a daughter.
6. He’s the newspaper.
7. Those are very nice . Where did you buy them?
8. works in a hospital.
9. Excuse me, waiter. Can you bring me the , please?
10. I’m too today. I’ll phone you tomorrow.
11. He’s started a new job. It’s more interesting and he more money.
12. I go to the swimming on Sunday morning.
13. If you don’t leave now you’ll the bus and there isn’t another one today.
14. He lets his wife do everything for him. He’s very .
15. Don’t . It’s not funny.

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